South Dam path project moving forward - city officials aim for late 2017 opening

While many changes will likely be discussed in the upcoming long-term planning process for the reservoir, at least one visible change is planned for 2017.  CD13 Councilmember Mitch O’Farrell is working to open a dawn-to-dusk pedestrian pathway across the top of the reservoir’s South Dam (just above the Recreation Center).  This small stretch connecting the existing paths on the east and west sides will complete a primary mission of the decades-old Master Plan to create a safe, dedicated pedestrian path around the reservoirs.  It will create a much safer route for all users, especially the elderly, the disabled and those pushing strollers. 


The South Dam path project was supported by 79% of the Silver Lake community in the Conservancy’s recent survey sent to over 3,400 randomly selected households.  It was only opposed by 7% of those responses.  CD13 also hosted an open house at the site on May 13, where hundreds of community members gave it a “thumbs up” by more than a 10:1 ratio. 


According to CD13’s most recent published report on this project, the DWP will install a 4-foot fence on the pathways’s south side, facing the recreation center.  The agency is currently considering whether a 4-foot fence can be used on the side facing the reservoir (rather than an 8-foot fence).  There will be no barbed wire on any fencing and no lighting installed, as gates at each end will be closed at dusk by DWP security personnel.


Many thanks go out to both Councilmember O’Farrell and the DWP for providing this valuable resource for the reservoir community!  The new path access is expected to open before the end of the year - we hope to see you out there!