Silver Lake Reservoirs Conservancy

The Silver Lake Reservoirs Conservancy (SLRC) is an all-volunteer, non-profit corporation dedicated to preserving and enhancing the historical, aesthetic, ecological and recreational benefits of Silver Lake’s open waters and surrounding open space.


Happy 2015 from SLRC

by Maryann Kuk - Wednesday, January 28, 2015 at 5:12 pm - No Comments

Happy 2015 from SLRC!

The Silver Lake Reservoirs Conservancy (all community volunteers) wishes you a very Happy New Year and looks forward to a productive 2015 on multiple fronts for the reservoirs.

Former president Craig Collins has recently left the board to focus on a number of personal and professional projects. We would like to thank Craig for his service and the many hours of work required to oversee and complete the SLRC’s interpretive signage project along West Silver Lake Drive (installed in December). We hope to work with Craig on issues of shared interest in the future.

SLRC undertook a comprehensive full-day strategic planning session at the end of 2014, and we are excited to begin implementing a number of new programs and initiatives in 2015. You can expect to see and hear more from us through updates and improvements to this web site as well as via multiple social media platforms. You will also see us out in the community as we continue to support our mission of providing you with updated information on reservoir issues. We will be working with the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council to facilitate community information and feedback on the upcoming Bypass Pipeline Project, and expect to also lead a community conversation on what our reservoir property could transition into once the DWP’s construction project is completed (currently expected to be sometime in 2017).

So please plan to check back here as these exciting changes roll out! You can support the work of SLRC by making a donation on this page or by volunteering to work on a project.

Big Day for Silver Lake Reservoir

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Sign UnveilingSaturday, December 13th was a big day for Silver Lake Reservoir — we celebrated its 110th birthday and dedicated our new signage project.  Here’s the story in the Eastsider (photo by Matt Sanderson, courtesy of the Eastsider):

The Calm Before the Storm

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Calm B4 StormThursday Afternoon, December 11th, 2014 (Photo by Dan Gershon — Courtesy of The Eastsider)


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Signs Craig and GuySilver Lake Reservoirs Conservancy President Craig Collins and Board Member Guy Vidal are first on the scene at a newly installed sign, part of our Interpretive Signage project, over two years in the making.   The signage project, supported by Metabolic Studio, tells the story of water in Los Angeles — past, present and future, and how Silver Lake can contribute to a sustainable water future for Los Angeles.  The official unveiling is on December 13th, following the 110th Anniversary Celebration of the Silver Lake Reservoirs.  Our event begins around 11 am at corner of Tesla Ave. and West Silver Lake Drive.