For nearly 20 years, SLRC has consistently surveyed the resident and user communities about their preferences and concerns surrounding the use and appearance of the reservoir property. The following are potential projects for the future:

Silver Lake Reservoirs Conservancy


Access to water, views, and safe places to enjoy nature is one of the highest priorities of city dwellers. Silver Lake Reservoirs' users have said just that (and in great numbers, as reflected in our survey).

Converting the current LADWP roadway that runs along the north rim of Ivanhoe Reservoir would provide such access. Elevated above the Tesla Walking Path, this roadway has unobstructed views of the Silver Lake Hills and the Glendale/San Gabriel mountains in the distance. Runners and walkers could enter from the LADWP gate at Tesla Avenue/West Silver Lake Boulevard, or from the eastern edge of Ivanhoe just behind the Nursery School.

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Silver Lake Reservoirs Conservancy


Want to walk across the top of the Ivanhoe Dam and have access to both sides of the Reservoir? Currently where there is a LADWP roadway, SLRC has envisioned the Esplanade—yet another way to get closer to the water while walking or running in a safe, "over the top" venue. There would be benches and solar lighting, so you could sit and chat with neighbors here, and enjoy the view of downtown while herons and geese fly overhead. The Esplanade would be dog friendly, too.

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