Silver Lake Reservoirs Conservancy

The Silver Lake Reservoirs Conservancy (SLRC) is an all-volunteer, non-profit corporation dedicated to preserving and enhancing the historical, aesthetic, ecological and recreational benefits of Silver Lake’s open waters and surrounding open space.

Silver Lake Master Plan

Silver Lake Master Plan

In response to the surge of community awareness of the open reservoirs, the DWP agreed to work with the affected communities to identify ways in which the DWP’s mission to provide clean drinking water could mesh with the communities’ need to retain their open water views. The Silver Lake Master Plan, compiled and designed by the landscape architect firm of Mia Lehrer and Associates, was released in November of 2000 as the result of a series of workshops with the participation of over 450 people from the surrounding communities. The Master Plan serves to outline the priorities of the neighborhood, and provides a roadmap for the future at the reservoir complex. With an allocation of $2.3 million secured by State Assembly Member Dario Frommer, the Master Plan has already begun to take physical form with a number of projects that have either been completed, are scheduled for groundbreaking, or are in the early planning stages. The Aerial Orientation Map below was created in August of 2006:

Phase 1
A pedestrian path along West Silver Lake Drive and across the bedrock outcropping on Armstrong Avenue was completed in October 2005.
Phase 2
A continuation of the path on Silver Lake Boulevard from Armstrong Avenue to Van Pelt Place is in the final design phase and is scheduled to commence construction in October 2006.
Phase 3
Involves gaining access to The Meadow on Silver Lake Boulevard, a landscape design for the Eucalyptus Grove on West Silver Lake Drive, and the completion of the path around the reservoir by solving pedestrian safety issues on Tesla and through the edge of the ball park playground at the Silver Lake Rec Center. Community workshops regarding Phase 3 projects were held on September 16th and December 2nd of 2006. The survey and discussions yielded some excellent results which can all be found on the Phase 3 page.

Below is the full November 1, 2000 Edition of the Silver Lake Master Plan. A PDF reader (Foxit Reader recommended) is necessary to view the files.

Download the silver lake master plan: