Andrew Thomas, President
Andrew is an educational researcher and professor of educational policy. He spends most of his time conducting studies of educational programs in California and other states. He has been an active member of the Silver Lake community since 1995. He helped found the Silver Lake Independent Jewish Community Center, coached soccer at the Silver Lake Recreation Center and AYSO, and was active with the Franklin Elementary, King Middle School and Marshall High School parent booster clubs. He lives in Silver Lake with his wife and two children.

Cyndi Hubach, Vice President
Cyndi is a Valley native who made her way over the hill to Silver Lake in 2001 and never looked back. After a long career in television news and documentary production and a short one in real estate, she is currently focused on wildlife, local food, and sustainability issues. Wildlife is of special concern as it pertains to the reservoirs. Cyndi founded and manages the Elysian Valley Community Garden. When she isn’t gardening or attending committee meetings, she enjoys hiking, traveling, reading and annoying her animals. She joined the SLRC board in 2017. In April 2019, Representative Adam Schiff honored Cyndi as Silver Lake's “Woman of the Year,” a recognition with which we at the SLRC heartily agree.

Stephanie Bartron, Secretary
Stephanie has lived in or near Silver Lake since 1991. She is the principal at SB Garden Design LLC, designing residential gardens in Silver Lake and greater LA since 2000. She has also authored (with G3) several sustainable landscaping handbooks. While her home faces the LA River, she grew up by the lake near Seattle and shares the community's love for the reservoir, where she enjoys picnicking at the meadow with her two children. Stephanie joined the SLRC Board in 2015

Herb Gold, Treasurer
Herb joined the SLRC Board about 15 years ago to help implement the Master Plan that was developed for reservoirs. Seven years ago his background in finance and amazing facility with long division was recognized by the group, so they elected him Treasurer. Now he oversees the dollars coming in and the dollars going out, and reports all this activity to several interested government agencies.


Leslie Edmonds
Most of Leslie's professional life in Human Resources was focused on helping people realize more of their potential and the potential of those they work with and work for. But 15 years ago she wondered how to get Silver Lake runners off the dark and dangerous city streets and onto something safer. That's how she became involved with SLRC, whose first project was to create a walking/running path. Leslie has served as its Secretary for much of the last 8 years. Running has since been replaced with yoga, traveling around the world and taking photos of people, places, and things she encounters along the way..

Patty Jausoro
Patty has enjoyed a long career in animation production while continuously volunteering in her community.  Over the past decade her focus has been directed toward issues of Aging, specifically how we must “do it better.”  She volunteers with the AARP and Motion Picture & Television Fund and started the 50+ Committee of the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council.  Working with the Reservoirs Conservancy, she hopes to build on her advocacy for ageless access and engagement.   You will see her walking around the reservoir with her family and a cute-but-timid Jack Russell/Chihuahua mix. 

Dave Keitel
Following more than two decades of professional service as an attorney and mediator, Dave transitioned into a life of urban farming and volunteer community service. He was among a handful of Silver Lake residents who first worked to create the SL Neighborhood Council, and has held every officer position on the SLRC Board (including two stretches as President) since joining in 1998. He is a political junkie, an avid swimmer, hiker, diver, gardener, traveler, and cinephile.  He climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro in 2016 and hopes to have the opportunity to personally attend his tenth Olympic Games in L.A. in 2028.

Maryann Kuk
Maryann has served on the SLRC Board since its formation over 30 years ago as the Committee to Save Silver Lake Reservoirs. She has been a Silver Lake resident for nearly 45 years and a real estate agent at Housing Solutions for over 30.

Shelley Marks
Shelley is a long-time community organizer. She worked for 30 years as a public health professional doing organizational management, strategic planning, fundraising, event administration, and board development for health care organizations. She has lived in Silver Lake since 1983 and has served on the SLRC Board since 1999 (including a stint as president). Retired since 2007, Shelley spends her time on community activism, volunteer work, cooking, food preservation, ceramics, yoga, hiking, and travel.

Marilyn Tower Oliver
Marilyn is a writer/author with 500 articles in local, regional, and national publications and 9 books for teens. She is a theater critic for the Los Feliz Ledger and Larchmont Ledger, and a contributor to Stanford Magazine. She is a founding member of SLRC and a long time resident of Silver Lake.



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