The Silver Lake Reservoirs Conservancy has always been an all-volunteer non-profit, and has thus relied heavily on the donated service of its board members (who number 80+ over its 28-year history!) as well as community members. It has also gratefully acknowledged financial support from local businesses and individuals over the years.

There are currently a number of ways you can help SLRC meet its objectives of serving Silver Lake and reservoir user communities. You can:

  • Join us for any of our periodic community volunteer beautification events at the reservoir, including our landscaping project on Armstrong Avenue (adjacent to the Meadow Park).
  • Help us with our ongoing work by donating your time and skills in graphic design, writing, lobbying, organizing, managing, etc.
  • Patronize any of the local restaurants we partner with – Alimento, L&E Oyster Bar, and The Black Cat. Let them know you appreciate and want to help support the work of SLRC.
  • Ask your favorite Silver Lake restaurants to consider partnering with SLRC. If you do so, let us know below.
  • If you walk the reservoir path or visit the Meadow Park regularly, please consider joining our "eyes and ears" team, which reports when benches are tagged with graffiti, doggie bag dispensers are empty, or there's anything that needs attention (eg. leaking irrigation).