The Silver Lake Reservoirs Conservancy (SLRC) was originally formed as a California non-profit corporation in 1988 under the name Committee to Save Silver Lake's Reservoirs (CSSLR). It was created by concerned Silver Lake community members in response to LADWP's proposal to build a large, industrial-style filtration plant where the current Meadow Park is.


CSSLR joined the Coalition to Preserve Open Reservoirs (CPOR) and worked alongside other reservoir communities in a mandated citywide mediation with the DWP to ensure community input on future DWP reservoir projects. CSSLR worked with the DWP to help create the comprehensive Master Plan document that was released in 2000.


CSSLR worked with the DWP plus Council Districts 4 and 13 to support multiple path construction projects around the reservoir complex perimeter. We also helped the DWP reach its decision to move Silver Lake’s drinking water storage function to what became the new Headworks facility adjacent to Griffith Park.


CSSLR changed its name to SLRC and worked to ensure that the community’s wishes for a Meadow Park were fulfilled (achieved in 2011). It later began a years-long advocacy effort for three reservoir developments:

  • Opening the South Dam Path at the south end of the property

  • Opening the Ivanhoe Path at the northwest corner of the property

  • Funding a process to update the Master Plan for the now decommissioned reservoirs.

As of 2018, all three of these goals have been met! The South Dam Path opened in February 2018, the Master Planning process was kicked off in May 2018 and the Ivanhoe Path is scheduled to open in Fall 2018.


The Conservancy looks forward to working with city agencies and an engaged Silver Lake community to explore and determine the next steps for this unique historic site—steps that will bring the greatest benefit to residents, visitors, and wildlife.