A fundamental part of the mission statement of the Silver Lake Reservoirs Conservancy is that it "works to reflect community preferences regarding the property and advocates accordingly." As a mediation partner with LADWP in the 1990s, SLRC helped choose an outside contractor, Mia Lehrer + Associates, to prepare the Master Plan for the Silver Lake Reservoirs.

The Master Plan document reflected input from the hundreds of community members who participated in a series of public presentations and workshops in 1999 and 2000. The comprehensive document was drafted and was approved by LADWP Board of Commissioners in November 2000. 

SLRC actively engaged the community to lobby for funding for projects to realize the community's preferences expressed in the Master Plan. In the wake of multiple pedestrian fatalities, the highest priority was to construct a safe, off-street walking/jogging path around the reservoirs. This work was done in phases, accompanied by additional community meetings and documented input. To see input provided by community members at community meetings in November 2003, August 2005, and December 2006, continue here

The Master Plan is available to read or to download as a PDF (53MB) here.


As a historical frame of reference, the pedestrian paths on West Silver Lake Drive and Armstrong Avenue opened in 2005, the pedestrian path on Silver Lake Boulevard opened in 2008, the Silver Lake Meadow opened in 2011, and the Tesla Walking Path (sidewalk) opened in 2013. Both LADWP and CD13 now support the completion of the pedestrian path along the top of the south dam of the reservoir.