Silver Lake Reservoirs Conservancy

LOCATION: West of existing Meadow Park

When the Silver Lake Meadow was designed, it was to be a much bigger space than it is today (it currently has about 2.5 acres of grassy area). Not knowing if the Meadow would be a "good idea," political pressures resulted in a compromised size.

Five years after its opening, the Meadow has become one of the most important, well-used, and much cherished amenities in the neighborhood. Sundays here are filled with families picnicking and throwing Frisbees, individuals working on their yoga poses, and people simply sitting on the benches, laughing or communing with their thoughts.

SLRC would like to see the Meadow expanded to its originally planned size. Fences near the north side would be pushed back to LADWP access roadway, adding nearly three acres to use and enjoy. The cost of expansion would be negligible and the timeframe to complete it would be short. There are no downsides to having more of this wonderful property open to the people who visit the Meadow.