The following answers were provided by community members in response to 1,000 surveys mailed to randomly selected Silver Lake addresses:

1. Have you heard of the Silver Lake Reservoirs Conservancy?
Yes 110
No 88
1a. How did you hear about SLRC?
Newsletters 56
Banners 49
Community Meetings 21
Friends or Neighbors 47
Path Pals 25
Other 4
2. Have you attended any workshops or meetings over the last ten years addressing Silver Lake reservoir projects or future planning?
Yes 169
No 53
3. Do you use the new pedestrian paths on either side of the reservoirs with any regularity?
Yes 193
No 21
3a. If yes, how often?
Regularly (11+ times/month) 60
Often (6-10 times/month) 49
Occasionally (1–5 times/month) 84
Following a 2-year community feedback process led by CSSLR and Council President Eric Garcetti’s CD13 office, the city is planning to open a portion of the “meadow” area on Silver Lake Boulevard for day use by the public. It is planned as a passive use only area (no new buildings, overhead lights, or organized sports). It will feature new landscaping, walking paths, benches, and drinking fountains. Which of the following statements best describes your feelings about this new public open space?
I think it is a good idea 173
I don't think it is a good idea 5
I don't know enough to say one way or the other 16
Results from prior community surveys indicated a preference for installation of a meandering walking path through the Eucalyptus Grove on West Silver Lake Drive as long as it did not adversely affect the nesting Great Blue Herons. A small number of benches would face the water, and if needed, low-level footpath lighting would be installed. A security fence would be installed between the new path and the water. Which of the following statements best describes your feelings about this proposed open space?
I think it is a good idea 176
I don't think it is a good idea 14
The LADWP expects to take the drinking water to the two Silver Lake Reservoirs “offline” in approximately 2014, leaving them as open water bodies. In anticipation of more reservoir property becoming available to the community, please indicate which of the following uses of the space you would like to see (number indicates total of positive responses):
• Keep things as they have been progressing—more public access without too much development 118
• Do nothing 10
• Use existing LADWP buildings for community programs and services 92
• Partner with education/conservation organizations to use existing facilities so maintenance costs can be shared 95
• Include more space for picnics and barbeques 44
• Include public art installations 90
• Increase access to the water in the lake 65
• Add on-site parking to allow greater use of the property 13
• Allow public art/culture events 85
• Add more kid-friendly features 55
• Remove some of the existing lake area and replace it with park space 28
• Include a community garden 28
• Include education facilities, i.e. a wetlands, native planting demonstration area, local flora/fauna display 79
• Keep the remaining areas behind fences to help protect coyotes and other non-human residents 50
• Include a more formal personal exercise/fitness course 32
• Include plantings to attract birds and butterflies 135
• Include information kiosks for community events, local history, etc. 39
• Allow paid overnight accommodations in the existing buildings 8