LOCATION: North end of Ivanhoe Reservoir

Nestled in a grove beside the Silver Lake Neighborhood Nursery School, just off the path along Tesla Avenue, is a pocket park with olive trees, a water fountain, and benches. It offers path users a cool, quiet spot to rest or get a drink of water before finishing their loop around the property. Oftentimes, here you'll see parents with baby strollers and their toddlers trying out their walking skills.

SLRC advocated for opening this small space to the public when LADWP completed the Tesla section of the path. In May 2012, the DWP installed the Tesla Pocket Park.

Since the park's opening, we've helped save the dying olive trees when they nearly succumbed to the drought, and have also advocated for the repair of the drinking fountain in the park. In the near future, we hope to introduce new landscaping here, most likely a few planting beds for drought-tolerant shrubs. If you'd like to support or help us beautify this space, please contact us here.