You can help keep the reservoir path clean and safe - here's how!

Four community-installed doggie waste bag dispensers were placed along the reservoir path last year, and they became a HUGE success.  So much so, that it has been challenging to keep them filled.  Believe it or not - some 25,000 bags have been dispensed!  SLRC has been storing the bags and has reached out to community volunteers who have been good enough to monitor the dispensers and refill them when needed.  But we could use your help in buying more bags, and have created two easy ways for you to do this:

You can use the SLRC web site and donate directly:


You can visit a Generosity online fundraising page we've set up and do the same there:

Either way, your contributions will be greatly appreciated by all who enjoy keeping the reservoir a healthy and happy place!


Silver Lake Reservoirs Conservancy

An all-volunteer nonprofit serving the Silver Lake community for 28 years